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Best cocktail bars in madrid 2024

Madrid is a city known for its vibrant cocktail scene, and in 2024, it continues to impress with its diverse and innovative bars. From mixology masterpieces to hidden gems, traditional favorites to exotic experiences, and a mixologists’ playground, there is something for every cocktail enthusiast. Here are the key takeaways from the best cocktail bars in Madrid in 2024:

Key Takeaways

  • The Mixology Masterpieces: Experience the art of cocktail creation, unleash unique flavors, and discover innovative ingredients.
  • Hidden Gems: Explore secret speakeasies, venture off-the-beaten-path, and uncover the unseen.
  • A Taste of Tradition: Savor classic cocktails, indulge in timeless recipes, and preserve the rich cocktail history.
  • Exotic Experiences: Embark on a journey around the world through global flavors and cultural fusion.
  • The Mixologists’ Playground: Witness experimental techniques, push the boundaries of mixology, and be amazed by innovation at its finest.

The Mixology Masterpieces

The Art of Cocktail Creation

The art of cocktail creation is a true masterpiece in the world of mixology. It is a skill that requires creativity, precision, and a deep understanding of flavors. Cocktail creators in Madrid have mastered this art, bringing unique and innovative drinks to the city’s vibrant bar scene.

One of the standout cocktail bars that showcases the art of cocktail creation is Temple Bar. This bar is a temple to its namesake cocktail, the Martini. As you enter the bar, you’ll notice a bartender standing on a raised pedestal, preparing each Martini with meticulous care. The bar even has an electronic counter that displays the number of Martinis made throughout its history. It’s a testament to the dedication and passion of the bartenders at Temple Bar.

At Temple Bar, you won’t find newfangled cocktails or trendy concoctions. Instead, you’ll experience the classic elegance of a perfectly crafted Martini. It’s a must-visit for cocktail enthusiasts who appreciate the artistry and tradition behind the drink.

In addition to Temple Bar, Madrid is home to many other cocktail bars that excel in the art of cocktail creation. Each bar has its own unique style and approach, offering a diverse range of flavors and techniques. Whether you’re a fan of classic cocktails or adventurous creations, Madrid’s cocktail bars have something to satisfy every palate.

When visiting Madrid, be sure to explore the city’s vibrant cocktail scene and indulge in the art of cocktail creation. Cheers to the mixologists who continue to push the boundaries and create unforgettable drinking experiences in the heart of the city.

Unleashing the Flavors

any less seriously—but the overall experience focuses more on storytelling than theatrics. There’s the complex, blood-red Primordial, made from whisky, Port, and nashi pear, served in a pair of metal hands representing the primordial human drinking tool. Or try the refreshing Krypta that comes in an oval-shaped, greenery-adorned vessel with an opening that drinkers must place over their nose and mouth to breathe in the fresh herbaceous scent while sipping. These are flavors that will stay with you long after you have rolled back out into the street.Places to StayThe 15 Hotels Our Readers Booked Most

Innovative Ingredients

Innovative Ingredients are the secret behind the extraordinary cocktails found in Madrid’s best bars. These mixologists are constantly pushing the boundaries of flavor by using unique and unexpected ingredients. From locally sourced herbs and spices to exotic fruits and rare spirits, the cocktails in Madrid are a true sensory experience. Each bar has its own signature creations that showcase the creativity and expertise of the mixologists. Whether it’s a smoky teapot infused with the scent of rose and lychee or a cocktail served in an oval-shaped vessel with fresh herbaceous aromas, every drink tells a story and leaves a lasting impression. Get ready to embark on a flavor journey like no other in the vibrant neighborhoods of Madrid.

Hidden Gems

Secret Speakeasies

These days, "secret" speakeasies are ten-a-penny—and this one may be the worst-kept secret of all. While the line that used to snake around the block outside has been replaced with a more convenient virtual waiting list, the countless accolades this spot has racked up means everyone and their grandma knows about Paradiso, the "clandestine" bar hidden behind a fridge door inside a pastrami shop in Barcelona’s trendy El Born neighborhood. That doesn’t make it any less worthy of your time. Giacomo Giannotti’s beautiful pages of options by the bottle and by the glass, including some pretty obscure varietals. Snacks and tapas are all beautifully presented and perfectly on-trend, too; think kimchi grilled cheese and crudité served with a fermented carrot-cashew dip. The interior that struck you at first as shabby has a vintage-Art Deco quality to it. Then you spot a waistcoat-sporting bartender carefully pouring an expertly stirred gimlet into a dainty, chilled coupe, and you’ll know you’re in the right place. This self-proclaimed cafe/tapas/wine bar would provide the perfect backdrop for an intimate rendezvous with a lover or a clandestine secret-agent encounter. Classics like the gimlet or the Last Word steal the show here—especially when enjoyed on a sofa in the cozy, retro-chic sitting room. The sister joint to Creps al Born—and located directly across the street—Sauvage has a similar upbeat vibe with a similarly beautiful crowd of revelers, but it’s not nearly as crazy. A creative menu features Latin spirits and fresh fruits, herbs, and vegetables. There’s also a tasty-enough Bloody Mary (called a Vampirella) and a smooth Old Fashioned. When it’s open, the LocoWeekend bar is a must-visit for cocktail enthusiasts. With its hidden entrance and speakeasy atmosphere, it offers a unique and exciting experience. The bar is known for its innovative cocktails that combine flavors from around the world. From cultural fusion to global flavors, LocoWeekend takes you on a journey around the world through its drinks. The mixologists at LocoWeekend are constantly experimenting with new techniques and pushing the boundaries of cocktail creation. Whether you’re a cocktail connoisseur or just looking for a fun night out, LocoWeekend is the place to be.


When exploring the vibrant cocktail scene in Madrid, don’t miss out on the best bars that are off the beaten path. These hidden gems offer a unique and unforgettable experience for cocktail enthusiasts. One such bar is Caribbean Club, which opened its doors in 1974 as a rum bar. Step inside and you’ll be transported to a vintage-Art Deco atmosphere, with a waistcoat-sporting bartender expertly crafting classic cocktails like the gimlet and the Last Word. The cozy and retro-chic sitting room provides the perfect setting for a romantic rendezvous or a secret-agent encounter. For a refreshing option, Boadas Coctelería is a must-visit. Located just off Barcelona’s bustling La Rambla, this bar exudes old-world charm and is adorned with framed photos of its founder. Stick to the classics here, like Martinis and gin and tonics, and soak in the timeless ambiance. Another off-the-beaten-path gem is the Bluesman bar, tucked away in a hotel. As you step into this sultry establishment, you’ll feel like you’ve traveled back in time to the 1920s. The red walls, velvet-clad armchairs, and live jazz band create an immersive experience. The knowledgeable staff will impress you with their expertise in crafting classic cocktails, offering variations like the classic Negroni, sbagliato, spritz, or Mezcal. With such exceptional bars waiting to be discovered, venture off the main streets and uncover the hidden treasures of Madrid’s cocktail scene.

Discovering the Unseen

Hidden in plain sight, there is a cocktail bar in Madrid that is a true gem waiting to be discovered. Tucked away from the bustling streets, this bar offers a unique and intimate experience for cocktail enthusiasts. With its dimly lit ambiance and cozy seating, it creates the perfect atmosphere for a night of exploration and indulgence. The bartenders here are true artists, crafting cocktails that are not only visually stunning but also bursting with flavors. Each drink is a masterpiece, carefully crafted with innovative ingredients and techniques. From the moment you step inside, you’ll be transported to a world of creativity and imagination. Get ready to embark on a journey of taste and discover the hidden treasures of this extraordinary cocktail bar.

A Taste of Tradition

Classic Cocktails

Classic cocktails are the backbone of any great cocktail bar. They are the tried and true recipes that have stood the test of time and continue to be beloved by cocktail enthusiasts. At these cocktail bars in Madrid, you can expect to find a selection of classic cocktails that are expertly crafted with attention to detail and quality ingredients. From the iconic Martini to the refreshing Mojito, these bars know how to make the classics shine. Whether you prefer your cocktails shaken or stirred, these bars have got you covered. And if you’re feeling adventurous, some bars even offer unique variations of classic cocktails that add a modern twist to the traditional recipes. So sit back, relax, and sip on a classic cocktail at one of these top cocktail bars in Madrid.

Timeless Recipes

In the world of cocktails, some recipes stand the test of time. These timeless recipes have been passed down through generations, each sip telling a story of tradition and craftsmanship. One such recipe is the classic Old Fashioned, a simple yet sophisticated blend of whiskey, sugar, and bitters. The smoothness of the whiskey, combined with the sweetness of the sugar and the complexity of the bitters, creates a drink that is both bold and balanced. Another timeless recipe is the Martini, a timeless favorite that has been enjoyed by cocktail enthusiasts for decades. Made with gin and vermouth, the Martini is a drink that is both elegant and refreshing. The combination of the botanical flavors of the gin and the herbal notes of the vermouth creates a drink that is both sophisticated and satisfying. Whether you’re sipping on an Old Fashioned or enjoying a Martini, these timeless recipes are sure to transport you to a bygone era of cocktail culture.

Preserving the Past

Preserving the past is not just a motto at these cocktail bars, it’s a way of life. These establishments pay homage to the rich history of Madrid while adding their own unique twist. One such bar is LocoWeekend, located in the heart of the city. This hidden gem is tucked away in a historic building, with a long vaulted corridor leading to its entrance. As you step inside, you’ll be greeted by a pearly white spiral staircase, setting the tone for the eclectic space that awaits. The bar itself is a blend of old and new, with an antique tapestry hanging behind an all-white pool table and a minimalist bench draped with a traditional Spanish shawl. The guest rooms offer stunning views of historic buildings, allowing you to immerse yourself in the city’s rich heritage. LocoWeekend is a true testament to the beauty of preserving the past while embracing the present.

Exotic Experiences

Global Flavors

When it comes to experiencing global flavors, Madrid is a city that never sleeps. From the vibrant streets to the hidden corners, you’ll find a diverse range of cocktail bars that will take your taste buds on a journey around the world. One of the must-visit spots is The Alchemix, where cocktails are crafted with precision and creativity. Try the Primordial, a complex blend of whisky, Port, and nashi pear, served in a pair of metal hands that represent the primordial human drinking tool. Another unique experience awaits at SIPS, named the number one bar in the world in 2023. The vibrant atmosphere and strict all-seating policy make it a place of pilgrimage for cocktail lovers. And if you’re looking for a taste of Asia and the Mediterranean, head to The Alchemix, where cocktails play on texture and presentation. Don’t miss the smoking teapot cocktail with the scent of rose, lychee, and hibiscus. These are just a few examples of the global flavors you can discover in Madrid’s cocktail bars.

Cultural Fusion

Madrid is a city that embraces diversity and celebrates cultural fusion. It is a melting pot of different influences, creating a vibrant and unique atmosphere. The city’s cocktail bars reflect this multicultural spirit, offering a wide range of flavors and ingredients from around the world. From Asian-inspired concoctions to Latin American-inspired creations, there is something for everyone.

One popular cocktail bar that embodies this cultural fusion is Pinterestbar14. Located in the trendy Gràcia neighborhood, this bar combines the best of Barcelona’s local scene with international flair. The menu features a creative mix of Latin spirits and fresh fruits, herbs, and vegetables, resulting in unique and refreshing drinks. Whether you’re in the mood for a Vampirella (their twist on a Bloody Mary) or a classic Old Fashioned, Pinterestbar14 has something to satisfy every palate.

Another must-visit cocktail bar that showcases cultural fusion is De La RosaArrow. Situated in Madrid’s vibrant Salamanca neighborhood, this bar offers a fusion of flavors from different cuisines. The menu includes innovative cocktails that blend traditional Spanish ingredients with international spirits, creating a truly unique drinking experience. Don’t miss their signature cocktail, which combines local ingredients with a modern twist.

If you’re looking for a truly immersive cultural experience, head to The Mixologists’ Playground. This cocktail bar takes experimental techniques to the next level, pushing the boundaries of mixology. The talented mixologists here use innovative ingredients and methods to create one-of-a-kind drinks that will surprise and delight your taste buds. From molecular mixology to smoke-infused cocktails, The Mixologists’ Playground is a playground for cocktail enthusiasts.

In summary, Madrid’s cocktail bars are a testament to the city’s cultural fusion. Whether you’re in the mood for a Latin-inspired drink, an Asian-inspired creation, or an innovative cocktail that pushes the boundaries of mixology, you’ll find it in Madrid. Cheers to the vibrant and diverse cocktail scene of the city!

Journey Around the World

Embark on a global adventure at Madrid’s cocktail bars, where you can experience a fusion of flavors from around the world. From the spicy margaritas of Mexico to the fruity caipirinhas of Brazil, these bars offer a taste of international mixology. Indulge in the smoky mezcal cocktails inspired by the streets of Oaxaca or sip on a refreshing mojito that transports you to the beaches of Cuba. Each cocktail tells a story and takes you on a journey to a different corner of the globe. Get ready to explore the world one sip at a time!

The Mixologists’ Playground

Experimental Techniques

In the realm of cocktail creation, mixologists are constantly pushing the boundaries and exploring new experimental techniques to create unique and unforgettable drinks. From molecular mixology to smoke-infused cocktails, these innovative methods add an element of surprise and excitement to the drinking experience. One popular technique is the use of liquid nitrogen to instantly freeze ingredients, resulting in a visually stunning and refreshing cocktail. Another technique gaining popularity is the art of barrel aging, where cocktails are aged in wooden barrels to develop complex flavors and aromas. These techniques not only showcase the creativity and skill of the mixologists, but also elevate the overall cocktail experience for the patrons.

Pushing the Boundaries

In the world of cocktail making, pushing the boundaries is essential to creating unique and unforgettable experiences. It’s about going beyond the traditional recipes and exploring new techniques, flavors, and ingredients. At the best cocktail bars in Madrid, you’ll find mixologists who are true innovators, constantly pushing the limits of what a cocktail can be.

One of the ways they do this is by incorporating unexpected and exotic ingredients into their creations. From rare spices to unusual fruits, these mixologists are always on the lookout for the next big flavor sensation. They’re not afraid to experiment and take risks, resulting in cocktails that are unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before.

But pushing the boundaries isn’t just about the ingredients. It’s also about the presentation and the overall experience. These bars are known for their creative and theatrical presentations, with drinks that are served in unconventional glassware or garnished with elaborate decorations. Every aspect of the cocktail is carefully considered to create a multisensory experience that delights and surprises.

So, if you’re looking for a cocktail experience that goes beyond the ordinary, head to one of Madrid’s best cocktail bars. Get ready to have your taste buds tantalized and your expectations shattered as you indulge in the innovative and boundary-pushing creations of these talented mixologists.

Innovation at its Finest

The Mixologists’ Playground is where innovation takes center stage. It’s a space where cocktail creators push the boundaries of mixology, experimenting with new techniques and ingredients to create unique and exciting drinks. From molecular mixology to smoke-infused cocktails, the possibilities are endless. The mixologists here are like mad scientists, using their creativity and expertise to craft drinks that are not only delicious but also visually stunning. Step into this playground and prepare to be amazed by the artistry and innovation that goes into every cocktail.


In conclusion, Madrid is home to some of the best cocktail bars in the world. From the exclusive and innovative Lounge & Terrace to the vibrant and artistic Pictura cocktail bar, there is something for every cocktail enthusiast. The city’s cocktail scene is constantly evolving, with talented bartenders creating unique and delicious drinks. Whether you’re looking for a classic cocktail or a creative concoction, Madrid has it all. So, grab a seat at one of these top cocktail bars and indulge in the exciting and flavorful world of mixology.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the concept behind Madrid Lounge & Terrace?

Madrid Lounge & Terrace is a space that welcomes protagonism and guarantees the best cocktails with a menu designed by the bartenders. It focuses on the quality of the produce, techniques, innovation, and exclusivity.

Who is the chef in charge of Madrid Restaurant?

Madrid Restaurant is directed by one of the group’s most valued chefs, Luis Bartolomé. He ensures a dynamic dining experience with a concept that combines exquisite tapas, cosmopolitan cuisine based on seasonal ingredients, and a unique cocktail menu.

What makes the fourth-floor pool bar at The Madrid EDITION special?

The fourth-floor pool bar at The Madrid EDITION is a gorgeous open-air world of lush greenery, olive trees, and rooftop restaurant Oroya. It offers tapas-sized but ambitious Peruvian food, creating a unique dining experience.

Who is the founder of JW Marriott Hotel Madrid?

JW Marriott Hotel Madrid was founded by J Willard Marriott, the founder of the Marriott Corporation. It is the newest indulgent hotel in Madrid, offering a luxurious stay experience.

What are the specialties of The Westin Palace, Madrid’s Palace Bar?

The Palace Bar at The Westin Palace, Madrid is renowned for its delicious cocktails, especially the Dry Martinis. It has been a place to see and be seen for over 100 years, with a historical legacy that can also be admired at the 1912 Museo Bar.

What is the concept behind NH Collection Madrid Eurobuilding’s Restaurant?

The Restaurant at NH Collection Madrid Eurobuilding combines three different concepts: exquisite tapas, cosmopolitan cuisine based on seasonal ingredients, and a unique cocktail menu. It is a must-visit for a dynamic dining experience.