CoworkUp: The Brightest Coworking Space in Valencia

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LocoWeekend Anti Tourist-Trap Magazine of Valencia.
coworkup valencia

Countless studies have shown that natural light in office and work spaces improves worker satisfaction and productivity, not to mention spirit and well-being. If we want to get technical about it, natural light helps regulate the body’s natural circadian rhythms (sleep-wake schedules). And that’s what makes CoWorkUp one of the most popular workspaces in Ruzafa at the moment. The large open-concept space feels like a greenhouse (without the heat, as it is equipped with 5 large A/C units), allowing light to come in from dawn til dusk.

But natural light and space isn’t the only thing that people comment on when working from there. The general vibe of the recent startup is very friendly, as they organise weekly social events in collaboration with LocoWeekend (Anti Tourist-Trap Magazine of Valencia). If you don’t get the chance to meet and network during the week, then Friday evenings at the Saturday MeetUps is a great opportunity to do so. A Coworking space where everybody knows each other.

The amenities of CoWorkUp include a kitchen, large fridge, microwave, free hot/cold water, daily infused waters, meeting rooms, a designated calling area, books and magazines, bike rack and electric scooter charging point at the entrance, events.

If you would like to try CoWorkUp, they offer a 2-hour trial period which you can come to any day of the week, by signing up on their webpage.
20% Discount on their monthly plans using LOCOWEEKEND when signing up to the Coworking in person.

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