Pelojet: Cool Cuts, Super Styling & Friendly Staff

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pelojet ruzafa hairdressers in valencia

✂️💈There is no shortage of salons, barbers or hairdressers in this town, from the trendy to the bonafide fancy, the classic to the downright antiquated and old-school, but which one can give you that cut that will have you smiling by the time you leave? Too many are the experiences of unsatisfied and disappointed customers of a cut-gone-wrong. “That’s not at all what I asked for…” is alas, a sentence muttered by swarms of the discontented. So where to go? Who to trust?

A salon that has been here for over half-a-decade, frequented by locals and expats alike, named @pelojet , after its owner, the talented and affable Eloy. This DJ on-the-side has cultivated a strong and loyal following of happy customers, not just for the great haircuts, but for the familiar and warm reception the small team behind this trendy salon give to all who enter. The staff are in tune with all of the trends for men and women, but is also masters of the conservative and traditional hairstyles too.

Ruzafa’s westside styling-mecca, Pelojet has become a highlight for the groomed and groovy, and are a cut above the rest. Promos to keep an eye out for, Thursdays offer all #men cuts at 10€!

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