Things to do in Valencia in August: Week 1

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LocoWeekend Anti Tourist-Trap Magazine of Valencia.
Things to do in Valencia August

You’ll notice a couple of things in Valencia during the month of August: the city centre is very quiet, with most places closed for holiday, and, the heat. This combination is one of the main reasons why locals and city dwellers flee the concrete jungle and make their way to coastal holiday homes, chalets and getaways. This leaves the city centre with a lot of tourists roaming the streets with not much to see or do, other than go to the beach themselves during the day and hope to find an open bar/restaurant at night. But there is still life in town, so here is our list of 7 things to do in Valencia during the first week of August!

Eat Delicious Vegan at One of Valencia’s First PWYWs (Pay What You Want).

@la_mandragora_ re-imagines the concept and experience of eating out, with delicious and varied vegan dishes, and a PWYW pricing strategy. Pay-What-You-Want may already be familiar to some living in cities like London or Berlin, but the amazing collective behind this association are one of the first to bring it to Valencia. Every day, the association takes to Social Media to showcase the constantly rotating, and deliciously vegan, daily offerings. The venue is found in a corner of a back-street in El Carmen, close to the Portal De Valldigna and oozes with a sense of community, identity, and political voice that aims to help those in need. Not only will you enjoy every dish, (especially the desserts… ) you’ll also feel like you’re contributing to a good cause. An absolute must for any and all seeking good hearty and healthy meals and cultural and social hubs.

vegan restaurant valencia

A Great Read, With a Wonderful Coffee? In a Newsstand? New&Coffee Repurpose Old Spanish Kiosks.

Again with a re-imagining of a concept, News & Coffee have brought to Valencia what many have seen pop up in cities like Barcelona and Madrid: The Coffee shop inside a Newsstand. Valencia, like most Spanish cities is chockablock with Newsstands, all offering the same rags, papers and occasionally, overpriced cold bottles of water, but this is where the re-imagining becomes interesting. N&C brings together the delicious world of freshly ground coffee and a curated selection of interesting news and media. The magazines and newspaper found here are niche, international and down-right collectable (one example being the SOLO magazine, a dedicated paper to the love of coffee). If you want a great coffee somewhere special and unique, you can find them in the famous square of Plaza del Doctor Collado, in El Carmen.

Check Out the Eclectic Shop Of Fine Arts, Denim & Vinyl, known as Kowalski.

If you’re looking for a very specific kind of paper for your watercolour painting, a special colour and kind of ink for your sketches, illustrations and more? notepads that you can’t find anywhere else? then Kowalski is your shop. But it doesn’t end at art stationary, this small shop will surprise you with how wide-ranging the products for sale are. Looking for a Vinyl of an underground and obscure British or American Band? Kowalski. Want to add some cool Levi’s overalls or jeans to your wardrobe? Kowalski. Want some Dr.Martens? Yep, you guessed it… Kowalski. It starting to sound a bit like a jingle for an insurance company, but you get the jist. If we had to summarize the shop,we would compare it to the experience of shopping at Camden, London.

Meet New People At the Afterwork Drinks of CoworkUp+OrderMagazine at La Catrina.

La Catrina is the alternative rock and heavy metal bar of Ruzafa. Music covers each wall and even table of this rocking bar, with throwbacks to past festivals and concerts, to vinyl covers of the legends of heavy metal, from Black Sabbath all the way to Queens of The Stone Age. The decoration is creatives, colourful and straight-up Rock! Although one might associate the vibes of such a place with a dive bar, serving only bottle beer and nothing else (a cocktail would feel out of place), La Catrina is actually a master in innovative and imaginative cocktails, presented and served at the level you would expect at a fancy-shmancy “mixology” bar. This place not only has a great selection of drinks, but a pool table, and a foosball! So, let’s summarize: Rock Music, check. B*tching decoration, check. Beers and cocktails? double-check. Snooker & Foosball for hours of fun? Yep! If you don’t know this bar yet, Friday will be the perfect pretext and occasion. L’Apéritif Round 2 will be taking place there from 6.30pm. Limited capacity! So make sure to come on time.

Get Wet at La3Park’s Weekly Wet Party. Free Access min. 2Pax

La3Park have basically become the only organizers of outside events over the weekend worth going to. With a large open-aired space, DJs, paddling pools, food trucks and astroturf, this is the next-best-thing after a festival. Will we ever get back to a summer of living-freely? dancing high, meeting people and travelling from one destination to the next without a care in the world? Maybe, maybe not. But until then we have to make due with what’s in our pantry, and our pantry is full of la3park. Wateke ELECTRONIC SUNDAYS will be an afternoon, evening and night of music in the open air and sun.

Buy International Books, Dutch, French, English, you name it, Doctor Sax has it (mostly).

One of our favourite things to see in Valencia is longevity. Of course we want to see new places pop-up all over town, with new concepts, fresh takes, cool spaces… But for business to last, be it a restaurant, or in this case, a small, quirky and quite unique little treasure trove of books and art memorabilia. Doctor Sax first opened its doors to the public 8 years ago, and like in dog years, that’s like… a lot of years. It has survived a crisis, a pandemic, and the digital invasion (cough cough, looking at you Amazon, you suck). Here you can find books in all languages, from cinema studies to fiction and non, t-shirts galore, stickers to cover your computer or door… a special place that we hope to see more many more years to come.

And last but not least…Get Out Of Valencia!

Well why not? One of the things you can do this week in Valencia is to get out. Make the most of the limited amount of activites and events in the city to discover the outskirts. Valencia, as a community, is home to some of the most beautiful coastal towns and beaches. Within just an hour or two away, you can find yourself in clear turquoise-coloured waters, jumping from high rocks, bathing in the sun in a secluded beach that you found by pure chance. If you’re not familiar with the outer-regions, we recommend you check out the beaches of the Valencia Community (all 23.000 km2 of it). You can get a 1.30-hour train to Alicante for around 20€. Some top locations are: Jávea, Calpe, Cullera… the list goes on.


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