El Hachazo Axe Throwing in Valencia.

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LocoWeekend Anti Tourist-Trap Magazine of Valencia.
el hachazo valencia axe throwing

Ever wondered what it feels like to throw an axe at a target? It’s a bit like bowling, except instead of rolling a ball on the floor, you’re chucking a 1kg, sharp, ancient weapon of war. And instead of pins, it’s a wooden target. So, not like bowling, but kind of. Believe it or not, this activity is becoming very popular amongst groups of friends, for the adrenaline and competitiveness it brings out, while also being a fun stress-reliever. 

Don’t worry if you’ve never thrown one, The instructors of @el_hachazo will walk you through every step, teach you how to handle them, and also set objectives and create fun games for the experience to be as enjoyable and memorable as possible. Bring out the Viking in you!

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