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LocoWeekend Anti Tourist-Trap Magazine of Valencia.
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A re-imagining of a concept, News & Coffee have brought to Valencia what many have seen pop up in cities like Barcelona and Madrid: The Coffee shop inside a Newsstand. Valencia, like most Spanish cities is chockablock with Newsstands, all offering the same rags, papers and occasionally, overpriced cold bottles of water, but this is where the re-imagining becomes interesting. N&C brings together the delicious world of freshly ground coffee and a curated selection of interesting news and media.

The magazines and newspaper found here are niche, international and down-right collectable (one example being the SOLO magazine, a dedicated paper to the love of coffee). If you want a great coffee somewhere special and unique, you can find them in the famous square of Plaza del Doctor Collado, in El Carmen.

Magazines you can find and definitely worth checking out!: Apartamento, an everyday life interiors magazine; I-D, British bi-monthly dedicated to fashion, music, art and youth culture; SOLO, a magazine dedicated to the world of Coffee and the amazing people that populate it, and many, many more.

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