Star Toys: Vintage Toys with a little extra.

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LocoWeekend Anti Tourist-Trap Magazine of Valencia.
toy shop in valencia

🔑Keeping your keys gathered together and secure may be the first and most important purpose of a keyring, but why not make the most of it and get something that stands out? How about a toy, a trinquet or treasure from your youth? This is what makes @startoys00 such a special shop. At first, you’ll be amazed at the sheer quantity of figurines, from lego-sized (including lego) to statuette size, from Disney to DC, WWF to WWE, cartoons and characters hailing from all countries and generations. You’re bound to have owned at least one of the many toys as a child. The great little extra about this place is that for an additional 1€, the owner will convert the figurine/toy into a keyring.

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