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LocoWeekend Valencia

LocoWeekend Valencia

Stay in the know of the best places and events in Valencia on a monthly basis. Our goal is to highlight and showcase the local businesses that best represent this booming city and organize international meetups and events to bring together this fast-growing digital nomad and expat community. We will be launching the physical magazine soon. Found in select venues spread across town.



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locoweekend event at xlplayground november

Join LocoWeekend @ XtraLrge for our Second Edition of Our International Clubbing Events. Guest DJ, the amazing Emidem!

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LocoWeekend Valencia

Anti Tourist-Trap Magazine


Our mission is simple, seek out and highlight the best things to do in Valencia. From cool hidden terraces, to tasty food joints, bouncing clubs and international events. Live the city like a Local.

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